News & Events

Mr. Zoheb Hassan came to PEBS Hospital, Wednesday 17 January 2024, where he was received by Dr. Mughal and taken around the hospital. Later he met President of PEBS, Mr Qazi Sajid Ali, Dr Qazi Wasiq, Dr Kashif Farooqui, Principal Organiser – FrIends of PEBS & Marketing Consultant, Ms Samia Mufti and, another prominent visitor, Professor of General Surgery, Dr Haris Rashid Shaikh.

Ms. Akiko Abbas from the Japanese Consulate visited PEBS Hospital on January 16th, 2024

PEBS came into corporate highlight on 18th December 2023 as Employers Federation of Pakistan conferred Disability Inclusion Excellence Award 2022 at Hotel Marriott, Karachi. Dr. Saad Niaz, Minister of Health was the Chief Guest at the occasion.

Mr. and Mrs. Mirza Jafar Hussain visited PEBS Hospital. They generously donated an Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) Machine to the hospital on        December 20th, 2023.

Japanese Consulate Delegation Explores PEBS Hospital’s Healthcare Excellence on June 7th, 2023

Pakistan Eye Bank Society Welcomes Dedicated Supporters Mr. and Mrs. Manzoor on February 2nd, 2023