Dialysis Unit at PEBS Hospital, where compassionate care meets cutting-edge technology. Recognizing the challenges faced by dialysis patients, PEBS is committed to providing a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment, offering supportive care free of cost to everyone.

Established in April 2021 in response to a dire need in the vicinity, our Dialysis Unit was inaugurated by Mr. Sohail Yasin Suleman, Patron of PEBS. Initially equipped with 4 beds, it has since expanded to 6 beds to accommodate the growing number of patients. This vital department is sustained by the support of PEBS patrons.

Our dedicated team of nephrologists and staff ensures the most advanced and effective treatment for our patients. With state-of-the-art machines, we prioritize precision, efficiency, and effectiveness in every dialysis session.

We understand the pain endured by dialysis patients, which is why we strive to create a nurturing environment and deliver the most supportive care possible. Alongside free dialysis sessions, we provide complimentary refreshments and medicines, ensuring our patients receive comprehensive care.

To date, our Dialysis Unit has catered to 12 dialysis sessions per day, totaling 2,405 free dialysis treatments. At PEBS, we are committed to alleviating the burden of dialysis for those in need, one compassionate session at a time.