At Pakistan Eye Bank Society (PEBS), we acknowledge that behind every diagnosis and treatment plan is a person with a unique story. This understanding drives our pride in sharing the inspiring narratives of our resilient patients. Despite challenges, they have discovered hope and resilience throughout their journey with us.

Pakistan Eye Bank Society (PEBS)

Pakistan Eye Bank Society (PEBS) formally came into existence in February 1976. Since then there has been no looking back. PEBS is a not-for-profit organization that continues to strive for Corneal transplants enabling blind persons see the light of day and their near and dear ones.
In 1993, PEBS Hospital started functioning where many facilities are available, mostly free of cost, for Ophthalmic disorders and Cataract surgeries. Simultaneously the campaign to restore sight through Corneal transplants and Eye Donation Movement continues with the same fervor as before.
Assessing the medical requirements of the area, Dental & Maxillofacial services were included to the community. A high-profile addition was made in March 2023 when a state-of-the-art Oral Cancer Surgery Unit commenced functioning totally free of cost.
PEBS Hospital continues its medical facilities for the underprivileged class by providing Cardiac & Diabetics services and Free Dialysis, 
Our robust Community Outreach Program takes care of School children through School Eye Clinics, Teachers Training Program, periodic Public Awareness sessions, medical camps in remote and disaster struck areas.

Since 1976

Pakistan Eye Bank Society has been dedicated to providing compassionate healthcare regardless of socio-economic status. With a growing number of patients, we continue to expand our services, ensuring access to high-quality care for all.

Eye Surgeries / Annually

Free Oral Cancer Surgeries in first 7 months

Free Dialysis Daily

Milestones Achieved