The Pakistan Eye Bank Society is dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services to our patients, building on our strong foundation of expertise and commitment. In November 2012, our journey expanded when we established a referral clinic for renal transplant recipients. This initiative was born out of the increasing number of patients seeking ophthalmic care following their organ transplant surgeries at our esteemed institution. The use of immunosuppressant medications, vital for prolonging and preserving their lives, unintentionally gave rise to various ophthalmological conditions.

Over the years, our department has grown into a fully-equipped, well-established facility, unwavering in our dedication to delivering the highest standard of patient care. We now extend our services to patients across every specialty and subspecialty that SIUT covers, with an unyielding focus on patient well-being and treatment.

Our services encompass:

1. *Support for Renal and Liver Transplant Patients*: We offer specialized care to patients who have undergone renal and liver transplant procedures, addressing their unique ophthalmic needs.

2. *Comprehensive Care for SIUT Admissions*: Patients admitted to SIUT for a range of medical and surgical issues can rely on our expertise in eye care.

3. *Dialysis-Dependent Patients*: We cater to the specific needs of dialysis-dependent patients, understanding the importance of maintaining eye health in their journey.

4. *Collaboration with Gastrointestinal and Oncology Departments*: We work closely with patients from the gastrointestinal and oncology departments, ensuring that their ophthalmic concerns are addressed with utmost care.

5. *Services for Diabetic and Infectious Diseases Clinics*: Patients visiting the diabetic and infectious diseases clinics can count on our specialized eye care services.

Our commitment to patient care is reflected in our weekly ophthalmic surgeries, including emergency procedures when necessary. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools to deliver top-notch care, including:

– *Advanced Eye Examination Equipment*: Our department features slit lamp biomicroscopes for comprehensive eye examinations, indirect ophthalmoscopes, and specialized lenses for detailed fundus examinations.

– *Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Tools*: We employ Optical Coherence Tomography for precise diagnoses and documentation, auto-refraction machines, Sonomed A and B Scans, computerized tonometers, Synoptophores, Hess charts, visual field analyzers, and Fundus Fluorescein Angiography.

– *Laser Treatments*: Our facility boasts PASCAL and YAG lasers for advanced ophthalmic procedures, along with operating microscopes, phacoemulsification, and vitrectomy systems.

– *Wet Lab Setup*: We have a well-equipped wet lab setup to facilitate ongoing research and training.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to providing the best possible eye care to our deserving patients. We envision a future where our department is further enhanced with cutting-edge laser technology and additional tools to continue pushing the boundaries of eye care excellence in Pakistan. At the Pakistan Eye Bank Society, patient well-being is our unwavering priority, and we are dedicated to advancing our capabilities for the benefit of our patients and the community we serve.