Aims & Objectives

(A) To motivate peole of pakistan to donate eyes after death so that so that the incidence of corneal opacity in the country my be minimized.

(B) TO promote research in the field of prevention and cure of eye diseases.

(C) TO cooridinate eye bank in pakistan and to foster uniform operting proceduer among the Eye bank.

(D) TO cooridinatethe activities of Eye bank in pakistan and to provid them with functional guiance.

(E) To provid correct information about the Eye benk to the public.

(F) To make arrangements for eye mmeidcal and welfare camps for the benafit of the general public.

(G) TO provide medical facilities of all kinds through Eye benk Socity.

(H) TO Establish Madical Centre & Rehabilitation Centre.

@Pakistan Eye Bank Society Reg No DSW(S)/150 of 1971 (Govemment of Sindh).