History of eye banking in Pakistan

  • 1960- A leading ophthamlogist received a pair of cornea from USA, for transplantation. He involved Mr Iftikhar Husain chairman sight conservation committee of Lions Club. Which initiated thought process of establishing an eye bank in Pakistan.

  • 1961-Karachi Lions club staged a variety program at Katrak Hall to generate funds for eye bank.

  • 1963-A group of doctors, social workers and philanthropists joined hands with Lions Club to setup eye banks at (CHK) Civil Hospital Karachi and (SEH) Spencer Eye Hospital in Karachi.

  • Dr M.A. Shah, Dr T.H.Kirmani and Dr M.H.Rizvi provided technical support.

  • Mr Iftikhar Husain and Mr Qazi Sajid Ali planned a 3 step strategy for eye donation campaign.

Eye donation 1st step

  • Paper work, forms brochures letters were prepared

  • Organization developed involving willing workers from all the segments of society.

  • Religious, political and civil society leaders were contacted for opinions and fatwas, with positive responses.

Eye donation 2nd step

  • Field work initiated for mass awareness

  • Posters banners and brochures circulated

  • Seminars and awareness lectures were arranged.

  • Print media campaign launched

  • Writers and media played their part

  • Will cards were filled by the masses especially prominent personalities of the society.

Eye donation 3rd step

  • 1970-Pakistan Eye Bank Society established.

  • Plot for the building procured in 1989 at North Karachi.

  • Building structure designed and constructed through donations.

  • 1970-75 active eye donation campaign involving all resources, means and segment of society.

  • Will cards were filled by thousands of people.

Expansion and collaboration at National level

  • 1978- REDO was established.

  • 1980- BEBS established.

  • 1981- PEBS Peshswar started functioning.

  • 1982-AFEB established.

Collaboration with Sri Lanka Eye Bank

  • Sri Lanka is the main source of corneal donation.

  • Dr Hudson Sylva and his team established network of eye donation and collection in Sri Lanka.

  • Sri Lanka Eye Bank working on latest technology for collection and storage of cadaver eyes, supplies corneas around the world.

  • Pakistan is the largest recipient of corneas from Sri Lanka, as a gift from people of Sri Lanka.

PEBS Hospital

  • Mr. Qazi Sajid Ali president & Dr Akhtar Jamal Khan vice president PEBS are the catalytic figures.

  • 1989-Construction of building, National Seminar &training workshop on Corneal Grafting at Karachi.

  • 1993- Hospital started functioning.

  • 2005- Phaco surgery for cataract patients, Inauguration of corneal graft center by Governor Sind.

  • 2009-Installation of Laser Department.

  • Presently Social Work dep’t, School eye clinic, eye camps, pathology lab, diabetic centre, cardiac centre, dental and maternity services are functional.

@Pakistan Eye Bank Society Reg No DSW(S)/150 of 1971 (Govemment of Sindh).